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BE LOVE - Pass It On Founder, Karen Fry, shares how this got started

As the Founder of BE Love–Pass It On, I’m always asked, “How did this begin?”

I have over twenty years of broad sales and marketing experience in rapid growth situations. Although I’ve seen huge success in my career, I’ve had the persistent feeling that “there’s got to be more than this.” Selling a product just for profits to be made is a very limited view – especially in today’s climate. The needs of the world are just too great…which is why we are committed to giving at least 50% of our net profits away to nonprofits.

Like so many these days, I am busy… busy doing, moving, generating, trying to make things happen. Not only can it be exhausting, but it can rob me of the one thing that makes me feel more alive than anything else: connection. When I make contact with someone and they feel seen and appreciated, something inside of me is deeply satisfied; I feel thoroughly nourished.

Over the past few years, I purchased hundreds of silicon wristbands from a popular nonprofit. They contained a one-word message that I could refer to as a point of connection with people. As I traveled around the country, primarily on business, I would give them out to people on planes, military personnel about to be deployed, teenagers…people from all walks of life. These small gestures and simple moments of connection were expansive; I felt blessed to witness how touched people were upon receiving them. I thought the story would end there, but....

One day not very long ago I was sitting in meditation. I felt deeply relaxed, deeply connected and grounded in my senses. And that’s when it hit me: in this moment, there is nothing to do. There is only to BE. What an obvious, yet profound revelation! At around the same time as this, my dear friend Christopher was traveling in India, a place where the majority of the population practices a religion. One day while at his hotel, a woman turned toward him and asked him, “What is your religion?” 

Christopher thought about her question for a moment. When he answered, he looked at her intently and said, “My religion? My religion is Love.”

A few weeks later, when Christopher and I met to talk, it all came together. Without actually thinking about it, I heard myself say, “There’s nothing to do, Christopher; we are simply to be. And if we are to be anything, let’s BE LOVE.” It was then that I knew I could not hand out the other wristband anymore. I had 3,000 BE LOVE wristbands made up and started handing them out, just as I did before, to people I met out in the world. However, this time the love that expanded within me was even more powerful and the expressions of gratitude from the other people were priceless to us both. They wanted to keep the one I gave them AND get an extra one to Pass It On. It caught hold very quickly and I realized this was much, much bigger than me.

I live by the belief that love is all there is. It is the strength of this belief that has brought me to start BE Love – Pass It On, a company with a mission to inspire everyone to question for themselves: What does it mean to BE LOVE in the world?

Two words…two words that cannot be disputed. Two words that help us remember who we are and who we came here to be…two words that can be passed on and on and on and on…


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Karen Fry

CEO and Founder
BE LOVE - Pass It On, LLC