These are our Frequently Asked Questions (until we gather more from you).

Q: Do people really ask you questions?
A: Yes! And we're happy to answer them!!! Just send them by email through our Contact page.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If for some reason, you don’t love what you ordered, let us know.  We will only accept returns of unworn and unwashed apparel within 30 days for exchange or a full refund, less shipping charges.  For items returned after 30 days, we will issue a credit for the price paid.  Please send items back to us at the address on our Contact page via UPS or USPS.  Be sure your package is prepaid (we cannot accept COD returns) and that you include the order number on your return label.

Q: I've heard there's a cute little BE LOVE Tale being told to children now. What is it?
A: Here it is...

One day an old schoolteacher ask her students, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
“I want to go to Paris to paint,” said one child.
“I want to fight fires, just like my Dad,” said another.
“I want to open a restaurant that serves only breakfast,” said a third.
The teacher listened intently as child after child responded to her question. After the last student had spoken, she said, “You have all answered with what you want to do, and you want to do wonderful things, but what is it that you want to be?”
The children were silent, silent and puzzled, for they thought they had answered exactly the question their teacher had asked. 
After some time, an excited voice emerged from the back of the room. 
“I know!  I know what I want to be!”
“What is it?” the teacher inquired.
“I want to BE Love!”


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