We Pass it On

Our company was deliberately formed as a for-profit social enterprise that not only does well, it does GOOD. We are fully commited to giving at least 50% of our net profits (more than 65x the national corporate average) to nonprofits dedicated to improving the lives of children, teens, and young adults. We can't do anything without you though. Why not buy a brand that passes on all the profits it can? And, if we can thrive by doing so, then other companies will follow.

But why wait? Even though we are not yet profitable, just this summer, 50% of the revenue from the sale of writstbands and t-shirts were donated to a Teen Camp Scholarship Fund. This enabled 7 teenagers to attend a weeklong camp where they experienced unconditional love, self-empowerment workshops, and transformational activities.

In the near future, we will design a process so YOU have an opportunity to decide which nonprofits we Pass It On to! In the meantime, feel free to tell us which ones speak to your heart. We're listening.

Note: If you are part of an organization, nonprofit, community, etc. that wants to use BE LOVE products in your fund-raising efforts, contact us and we will do our best to partner with you on it.


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