BE LOVE in Las Vegas

An amazing Youth Group ventured out to BE awaken LOVE in Las Vegas. They made this video and shared it with us. This is one of our dreams... to have BE LOVE Awakenings happening in every city/town across the country this year. Let's make it a year of LOVE. Reach out to learn how you can experience something like this. Together...we can all BE LOVE and Pass It On.

BE LOVE - Las Vegas




Intent on meeting the President

On February 18, 2010, Chris Yamas, a 17-year-old from Malvern, PA, set an intention to meet President Obama.

Chris wanted to give him something very dear to him - a handwritten letter and a BE LOVE wristband. Chris did not know how he was going to accomplish this; he only knew that President Obama was going to be in the same hotel as he was on that day in downtown Denver for a political fundraiser. What transpired that afternoon was absolutely amazing - everything was truly guided by the power of love. Chris not only got to give President Obama the letter and wristband, he got to share his story with over 600 people that evening during an impromptu moment at a banquet that was part of a weeklong Leadership Gathering. This moment in Chris' life has touched him in so many ways since then, in ways that he could not ever imagine, including reconnecting with family members that he didn't know he had. Check out this powerful video of him sharing the story and his letter during the banquet:

A Message of Love for President Obama

Who would you like to give a BE LOVE wristband to?


BOM411 Radio Interview

Two teenagers, Lanaya & Sheila sat me down to discuss BE LOVE and Healthy Relationships for teenagers. Check out the great music and interview.

This interview was the BOM!


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