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People all over the world are finding ways to BE LOVE and Pass It On. If you have a story, video or picture to share, please send it along. Here are some favorites.

A Father's Tear

Written by Robert Brzezinski   

I remember the day well. I was having a challenging afternoon and was near my boiling point. The children were fraying my nerves and I could have exploded. When my daughter came into my office for about the fiftieth time that day, I was frustrated. As she came in asking in her little girl voice, she is 5 after all, if I could help her with her bracelet. As I turned from my desk, I saw she had her BE LOVE bracelet in her hand.

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Speeding thru life and stopped to BE LOVE

Written by Ariane Daniele Davis   

I was pulled over today for speeding and every part of me wanted to be sassy and stern with the police officer, and then I looked down and what do I see?... A little white wristband that I have been wearing NON-STOP since I got it, and thought how about instead of being sassy and stern with the police officer, I BE LOVE.

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A Teenager Passing It On

Written by Laura Roosevelt - age 15   

For me, BE LOVE - Pass It On is about the connection that occurs between two people.

The first time I received a wristband, it was placed on a chair that I was to sit in. When I received the wristband, I didn't really know what it was, but soon I realized that is was a movement that was starting up. The mission - to Be Love. Read more: A Teenager Passing It On


Teach Only Love

Written by H.H. Quigley from Livermore, CA   

Yesterday Julian, my six-year-old son, and I talked about my white wristband for the first time, though I've been wearing it ever since you gave it to me. So I gave it to was too we considered what to do with it and decided he would like to give it to his teacher. When he did, she started crying right there in class, for she had had a really, really difficult day and it just melted her to receive it. And Julian received such JOY in giving it to her.


It's a Lifestyle Choice

Written by Jeremy Volkman   

The connotation of BE LOVE is quite simple- "BE LOVE". However when you really think about the meaning of the words, the phrase takes on a much more complex meaning; a meaning much of the human race has forgotten. Being love is not a one shot deal; it's a lifestyle choice. From the moment I got my first BE LOVE wristband it's been a phrase that I frequently ponder.

I wear my bracelet daily. I think about the life choice I made to BE LOVE daily. The movement has begun; a movement like this is unstoppable, and immeasurable. I am thrilled to be a part of this grassroots project and SO optimistic about the future. To me BE LOVE is just that - "Be Love". Be the physical embodiment of the word "love". 


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